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Are you in search of a gentle and compassionate Rossmoyne dentist? Our clinic, conveniently located just an 11-minute drive from your location in Rossmoyne, is here to serve you.

At JC Dental Como clinic, we are committed to providing gentle, family-oriented dental care right from your first visit. We're excited to offer a special new patient check-up and clean package.

Comprehensive Dental Check-Up near Rossmoyne

Your oral health is our utmost priority. Our comprehensive dental check-ups include:
  • Gentle Teeth Cleaning: We use advanced technology to ensure a thorough, comfortable cleaning.
  • Fluoride Treatment: Strengthening your teeth’s enamel and preventing cavities.
  • Full Mouth 3D imaging: Offering a detailed view of your dental structure as needed.
  • Diagnostic X-rays: Identifying any concealed dental issues
  • Personalised Treatment Planning: Crafting dental care plans uniquely suited to your needs.

Why Choose Us as Your Rossmoyne Dentist?

Our clinic is a favoured choice among Rossmoyne residents for our dedication to superior dental care. Reasons to choose us include:

Modern Dental Clinic:

Our clinic uses the latest dental technology for accurate diagnoses and effective treatments. We maintain the highest standards of sterilisation and cleanliness for your health and safety.
Applecross Dentist Facility

Individual-Focused Dental Care:

We offer dental care tailored to each individual. Understanding your dental history and goals allows us to create personalised care plans that meet your specific needs and preferences.
Comprehensive, Patient-Centred Dental Care in Applecross

Dedicated Dental Partnership:

We aim to establish a long-term, trusting partnership with you, adapting our services to your evolving dental needs and providing consistent, high-quality care at every visit.
Long-Lasting Dental Relationship in Applecross

Dental Services near Rossmoyne

Our range of dental services caters to all your oral health requirements:

General Dentistry:

We offer routine general dental check-ups, cleanings, and fillings, emphasising preventive care for lasting oral health.
General Dentistry Applecross

Cosmetic Dentistry:

Enhance your smile with our cosmetic dental treatments, including teeth whitening and porcelain veneers, while maintaining dental health.
Cosmetic Dental Applecross

Emergency Dentistry:

We provide prompt and effective solutions for urgent dental issues. Our clinic is equipped to manage a variety of dental emergencies.
Emergency Dental Applecross


Invisalign is a discreet, comfortable alternative for teeth straightening, suitable for both adults and teens.
Invisalign Applecross

Dental Implants:

Our dental implants offers permanent, natural-looking replacements for missing teeth, combining durability with aesthetic appeal.
Dental Implants Applecross

Same-Day Crowns:

Enjoy the convenience of custom-fit crowns in just one visit, ensuring a perfect fit and immediate results.
Dental Crowns Applecross

Meet Our Dentists, Dr. JJ Teh and Dr. Colleen Ling

We're proud to introduce our dedicated dental professionals, Dr. JJ Teh and Dr. Colleen Ling. With their extensive experience and caring approach, they provide exceptional dental care to our patients.

Dr. JJ Teh expertise is in minor oral surgeries and dental implants, helping patients achieve confident smiles. Dr. Colleen Ling is an expert in paediatric dentistry and orthodontics, known for her gentle and comprehensive care.

Choose us for your dental needs in Rossmoyne, and discover the impact of compassionate and advanced dental care.

Rossmoyne WA 6148 Dentist Services FAQ

Why do I need a reliable dentist near me?

Having a reliable dentist near you ensures convenient and consistent access to dental care. Proximity makes it easier to keep regular appointments, manage dental emergencies quickly, and maintain a continuous care routine. A nearby dentist can also better understand and cater to local community health needs, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of the dental services provided.

How does my dental health benefit from frequent dental visits?

Frequent dental visits are crucial for maintaining good oral health. Regular check-ups help in the early detection and treatment of dental issues like cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer. These visits also allow for professional cleaning, which removes plaque and tartar that can't be eliminated by brushing and flossing alone. Over time, consistent dental care helps in preventing more serious health problems and maintaining overall well-being.

Why should I consider visiting one dentist and not multiple?

Consistently visiting the same dentist builds a comprehensive understanding of your dental history, allowing for more personalised and effective treatment plans. A single dentist can track changes in your oral health over time, making it easier to spot and address potential issues early. This continuity of care ensures that your dental needs are met with a familiar and informed approach, leading to better long-term oral health outcomes. Additionally, it builds a relationship of trust and comfort, which can be crucial for patients who experience anxiety or fear about dental treatments.

What health funds are available in your clinic?

We take many kinds of payments, including big health insurance plans like HBF, HCF, NIB, Bupa, and Medibank. We're specially chosen by HBF, NIB, and HCF, and we also work with government dental programs like CDBS and DVA. This helps us give full dental care to people who qualify in Mount Pleasant, WA. Our team will assist you with CDBS and DVA paperwork to make your visit to the dentist easier.

Maintain your optimal oral health.

Book now at JC Dental Como for general dentistry excellence.
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