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Are you searching for a gentle and compassionate Waterford dentist? Look no further, as our clinic is located conveniently within a 7-minute short drive from your location.

At JC Dental Como clinic, we pride ourselves on delivering gentle, family-oriented dental care from your initial appointment. We're currently offering a special new patient check-up and clean package.

Comprehensive Dental Check-Up near Waterford

Your oral health is our top concern. Our comprehensive check-up includes:
  • Gentle Teeth Cleaning: Using advanced technology, we ensure your teeth are thoroughly cleaned without discomfort.
  • Fluoride Treatment: To fortify your teeth's enamel and ward off cavities.
  • Full Mouth 3D imaging: Providing a complete view of your dental anatomy when necessary.
  • Diagnostic X-rays: To uncover any hidden dental problems.
  • Personalised Treatment Planning: We craft specific dental care plans to meet your unique needs.

Why Choose Us as Your Waterford Dentist?

Our clinic is a popular choice among the Waterford residents due to our commitment to excellent dental care. Here's why many choose us:

Modern Dental Clinic:

Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art dental technology, ensuring that every diagnosis and treatment is as precise and effective as possible. We prioritise your health and safety, strictly adhering to the highest standards of sterilisation and cleanliness in every aspect of our operations.
Applecross Dentist Facility

Individual-Focused Dental Care:

We believe in providing dental care that is as unique as you are. Our approach involves taking the time to thoroughly understand your dental history and personal objectives. Based on this understanding, we create individualised care plans that are tailored specifically to your needs and preferences.
Comprehensive, Patient-Centred Dental Care in Applecross

Dedicated Dental Partnership:

At the heart of our practice is the commitment to build a lasting and trusting partnership with you. We adapt our services to meet your evolving dental needs over time, ensuring that you receive consistent and high-quality care at every visit. Our dedicated team is committed to being your reliable partner in maintaining and enhancing your dental health.
Long-Lasting Dental Relationship in Applecross

Waterford Dental Services

We provide a wide array of dental services to address all your oral health needs:

General Dentistry:

Our foundational general dental services include routine check-ups, cleanings, and fillings, all designed to maintain and improve your oral health. We focus on preventive care to ensure long-term dental well-being for our patients.
General Dentistry Applecross

Cosmetic Dentistry:

Transform and brighten your smile with our array of cosmetic dental treatments, including advanced teeth whitening and beautifully crafted porcelain veneers. Our goal is to enhance the aesthetics of your smile while ensuring dental health.
Cosmetic Dental Applecross

Emergency Dentistry:

In urgent dental situations, we provide immediate and effective care to address your needs promptly. Our clinic is equipped to handle a wide range of dental emergencies, ensuring quick relief and professional treatment.
Emergency Dental Applecross


Ideal for both adults and teenagers, Invisalign offers a discreet and comfortable way to straighten your teeth using clear aligners. This innovative treatment allows for effective teeth alignment without the visibility of traditional braces.
Invisalign Applecross

Dental Implants:

Our dental implants provide a permanent solution for missing teeth, expertly designed to replicate the look and function of natural teeth. They are a durable and aesthetically pleasing option for restoring your smile.
Dental Implants Applecross

Same-Day Crowns:

Experience the convenience of high-quality, custom-fit crowns in just one visit with our same-day dental crown service. This efficient process ensures a perfect fit and immediate results, saving you time and enhancing your dental experience.
Dental Crowns Applecross

Meet Our Dentists, Dr JJ Teh and Dr Colleen Ling

We're excited to introduce our compassionate dental professionals, Dr. JJ Teh and Dr. Colleen Ling. Their vast experience and empathetic approach to dentistry ensure top-notch care for our patients.

Dr. JJ Teh specialises in minor oral surgeries and dental implants, dedicated to giving patients confident smiles. Dr. Colleen Ling is an expert in paediatric dentistry and orthodontics, known for her comforting and comprehensive care.

Choose us for your dental needs in Waterford, and experience the difference compassionate and advanced dental care can make.

Waterford Dental Care Services FAQ

How do I schedule my first appointment at your dental clinic?

To book your initial appointment, you can call our clinic directly or fill out a request form on our website. We'll find a time that suits your schedule for a comprehensive dental check-up.

What should I expect during my first visit for a check-up and cleaning?

During your first visit, you will receive a gentle and thorough cleaning, a fluoride treatment, and if necessary, a full mouth 3D scan and diagnostic X-rays. Our team will also discuss your dental history and create a personalised treatment plan.

Do you offer any services for dental emergencies?

Yes, we provide emergency dental services. If you're experiencing a toothache, broken tooth, or another urgent dental issue, contact us immediately for prompt care.

What health funds are available in your clinic?

We take many kinds of payments, including big health insurance plans like HBF, HCF, NIB, Bupa, and Medibank. We're specially chosen by HBF, NIB, and HCF, and we also work with government dental programs like CDBS and DVA. This helps us give full dental care to people who qualify in Mount Pleasant, WA. Our team will assist you with CDBS and DVA paperwork to make your visit to the dentist easier.

Maintain your optimal oral health.

Book now at JC Dental Como for general dentistry excellence.
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